In attendance: All reps and Lea



  • Funding Update
    1. ODGE money rolls over into 2015
    2. We may need to reconsider the buffin order. Not everything is being consumed
  • Funding student events
    1. We will no require signatures on applications. Instead, applicants must justify the appeal (which may still be done with signatures)
    2. Budgets asked for must be the upper limit, not ‘per person’ or an estimate
  • Steinback scholars
    1. Lea will send a memo
    2. This year we have Chemistry, MGG, and AOSE
    3. Need to ask students for nominations soon
  • GSC funding
    1. Waiting until spring deadline to apply for the summer picnic
  • January Meeting
    1. We need 6 reps, so we will have 2-round poll